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基本的に : basically 種類:variety


自分の好きなスープを選んで、注文します。(注文する = to order)


注文する時は、カウンターでお店の人に直接言うスタイルと、お店の入り口にある券売機(= a ticket machine)で注文するスタイルの、2つがあります。





固い=hard, 柔らかい=soft です。ラーメン屋で注文する時は「普通、カタ、ヤワ」のどれかを選びます。時々、お店によってはバリカタ = すごくかたい麺、バリヤワ = すごくやわらかい麺があります。






「いらっしゃいませー。ご注文をお伺いします。(= 聞きます)」




「はい。トッピングはおつけしますか?(= つけますか?)」














Arigato Google Sensei

How to order Ramen 🍜

Wednesday, February 10, 2021, today’s weather is sunny and sometimes cloudy. The current temperature is 0 degrees Celsius, which is very cold, but it seems that it will rise to about 12 degrees Celsius at noon.
The time I woke up today is 7 o’clock as usual! I dream almost every day, but I slept well today.

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Ramen shop

Do you like ramen, everyone?
Ramen became popular in Japan about 100 years ago. A Chinese restaurant opened in Tokyo, and the ramen there became popular.
Since then, ramen has been arranged in various ways, and now many types of noodles and soups have been born.


There are basically 7 types of ramen.
Basically: basically Type: variety
Soy sauce ramen, salt ramen, miso ramen, pork bone ramen, (pork bone: pork bone soup), chicken white hot water (toripatan) ramen, tsukemen, oil soba.
Choose your favorite soup and order it. (Order = to order)

There are two ways to place an order: one is to tell the shop staff directly at the counter, and the other is to order at the ticket machine (= a ticket machine) at the entrance of the shop.
If you have a ticket vending machine, choose soup, noodles, toppings, etc. and buy tickets there.

First, let’s choose soup. What kind of soup do you like? I like everything, but I especially like salt ramen or tonkotsu ramen. Soy sauce and miso are quite salty.
Then, I will choose noodles. Noodles come in a variety of types: hard, soft, thin, and thick.
Hard = hard, soft = soft. When ordering at a ramen shop, choose one of “normal, kata, yawa”. Sometimes, some shops have Balikata = very hard noodles and Baliyawa = very soft noodles.

Let’s go to the ramen shop together and order!


“Welcome. I would like to ask for your order. (Ukagau = I will ask).”
“Oh, I’m sorry, please give me a salt ramen, and also dumplings.”
“Yes. There are different types of noodle hardness: Balikata, Kata, Normal, Yawa, and Baliyawa.”
“Then, in Kata”
“Yes. Do you want to add toppings? (Tsukeru = Do you want to add?)”
“Hmm. Toppings. Please give me green onions, eggs, and char siu.”
“I got it!”

I will have it.


Hmm. It’s hot and delicious! It’s high in calories, so it’s best to eat it once in a while.
Everyone should be careful not to eat too much.

Have a nice day today as well.
I will see you around!

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