あさラジオ Ep.9 「私の好きな街(わたしのすきなまち)」

Momoko To Nihongo あさラジオ Ep.9

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私はもともと東京で生まれて、東京で育ちました。I was born in Tokyo and I grew up there.


もちろん東京にたくさん友達がいたし、楽しい思い出もたくさんあるんですが、東京の街があまり好きじゃないんです。空気は悪いし、渋谷とか新宿はうるさいし、電車はいつも混んでいるし、人も冷たいなぁと感じます。それから、東京のレストランはチェーン店ばかりです。チェーン店 = a chain restaurant, which has more than 2 same restaurants in many different locations. チェーン店の料理は、ビジネス的な、ロボットのような、そんな味がしますから、あまり好きじゃないです。


だから私はヨーロッパに行って、ヨーロッパのチェコ Czech republic で7年くらい過ごしました。


I was surprised when I heard my parents moved to Kyoto from Tokyo during I was in Czech.




それからチェーン店が少ないと思います。もちろん、ショッピングモールや駅の近くにはチェーン店がいくつかありますが、それでも、街中を歩いているとほとんどのレストランは個人経営のお店です。個人 = individual or private 経営 = management 個人経営のお店が多いです。

個人経営のレストランは、小さいけどとても落ち着いた雰囲気です。落ち着いた = calmed down, relaxed, e 雰囲気 = atmosphere 落ち着いた雰囲気の店で、もちろん料理はとても美味しいです。










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January 31, 2021 (Sun) January is already over. The weather today is sunny. The current temperature is 3 degrees. It’s going to be about 11 times for lunch. It’s getting a little warmer!
The time I woke up today is 7 o’clock! What time did you get up?

Today’s theme is about “my favorite city”.

My favorite city … Well, it’s difficult to choose just one.
After all, maybe Kyoto. Kyoto may be my favorite city now.

I was originally born and raised in Tokyo. I was born in Tokyo and I grew up there.
But I hate Tokyo, I really hate it, so I went to Europe soon after graduating from university.
Of course I have a lot of friends in Tokyo and I have lots of fun memories, but I don’t really like the city of Tokyo. The air is bad, Shibuya and Shinjuku are noisy, the trains are always crowded, and people feel cold. Also, the restaurants in Tokyo are all chain stores. Chain restaurant = a chain restaurant, which has more than 2 same restaurants in many different locations. I don’t really like the food at chain stores because it tastes like a business, robot.

So I went to Europe and spent about 7 years in the Czech republic in Europe.
I was surprised to hear that my parents moved from Tokyo to Kyoto while I was in the Czech Republic.
I was surprised when I heard my parents moved to Kyoto from Tokyo during I was in Czech.
After that, I came back to Japan and decided to live in Kyoto for the first time.
I think it’s a really good city to live in. It’s completely different from life in Tokyo.
The city of Kyoto is not very big and there are few trains. When I go shopping or meet friends, I usually use a bus or a bicycle. This is really nice. You don’t have to take a noisy and crowded train. You can go to Kyoto by bicycle almost anywhere.
And I think there are few chain stores. Of course, there are several chain stores near shopping centers and train stations, but even so, most restaurants are privately owned as you walk around the city. Individual = individual or private management = management There are many privately run shops.
The privately run restaurant is small but has a very calm atmosphere. Calm = calmed down, relaxed, e Atmosphere = atmosphere The restaurant has a calm atmosphere, and of course the food is very delicious.

In Kyoto, you can see mountains even in the city. With plenty of nature and close mountains, you can go hiking or cycling right away. That’s why it’s easy to refresh when the weather is nice. Also, there are many temples and shrines, so it’s a lot of fun to take a walk.

Yes, I’m sorry for those who live in Tokyo. 😂
But if I get a coronavirus vaccine, I would like to go to Tokyo. I want to meet my friends in Tokyo soon.

I wish you a good day today.
I will see you around.

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