あさラジオ Ep.7 「電車(でんしゃ)」

Momoko To Nihongo あさラジオ Ep.7


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I’ll stop making asa radio for 1 week and I would like to make another episodes.






日本にはたくさんの電車があります!日本には全部で149の線 = 149 lines があります!






ヨーロッパの電車は、ちょっと暗くて、うるさくて、よく揺れます。(揺れる = to shake)でも、日本の電車は明るくて、しずかで、あまり揺れません。だから、電車に乗っている人は、電車の中でよくゲームをしたり、化粧をしたり、寝たりしています。


それから、日本の電車では携帯電話 (iphoneなどのスマートフォン)を見たり、ゲームで遊んだりsiしている人がとても多いと思います。これはたぶん、日本の電車の中では電波(signal)があるからだと思います。




新幹線の時速(kilometers an hour)は320キロです。(だいたい200マイルくらいですね)とても早くて便利な電車です。


みなさんは、新幹線に乗ったことがありますか?新幹線に乗ったら、新幹線の駅弁を食べてみてくださいね。駅弁は、駅の弁当(station lunch box)です。新幹線の中で食べる駅弁は、とても美味しいですよ。



日本の電車、特に東京の電車には、ちかんが多いです。ちかん = person who grope women’s body. 最近は女の人だけじゃなくて、男の人もちかんに会うことがあるようです。







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I ’ll stop making asa radio for 1 week and I would like to make another episodes.


Today’s topic is Japanese trains.

There are many trains in Japan! There are a total of 149 lines = 149 lines in Japan!
Among them, the line in Tokyo is 84. More than half of the lines are in Tokyo.
The lines in Tokyo are very complicated, there are many metros, and it is a little difficult to transfer. Besides, the station in Shinjuku is so big that people who come to Shinjuku for the first time often get lost.

Japanese trains are very clean and quiet.
I lived in the Czech Republic in Europe, so I am familiar with European trains, but I thought it was completely different from Japanese trains.
European trains are a bit dark, noisy and often shake. (Shake = to shake) But Japanese trains are bright, quiet, and don’t shake much. That’s why people on the train often play games, make up, and sleep on the train.
Not many people were sleeping on the trains in Europe.
Also, on Japanese trains, I think that there are many people who watch mobile phones (smartphones such as iphones), play games, and si. I think this is probably because there are signals on Japanese trains.
In European metros and trains, there was not much radio waves and mobile phones could not be used.

The Shinkansen is the most famous train in Japan, isn’t it?
The speed of the Shinkansen (kilometers an hour) is 320 km. (It’s about 200 miles) It’s a very fast and convenient train.
But it’s quite expensive. It costs about 15,000 yen from Tokyo to Kyoto.
Have you ever taken the Shinkansen? If you get on the Shinkansen, please try the Shinkansen ekiben. An ekiben is a station lunch box. The ekiben you eat on the Shinkansen is very delicious.

Japanese trains are not all good. It can be bad.
There are many Hachikan on Japanese trains, especially on Tokyo trains. Chikan = person who grope women ’s body. Recently, it seems that not only women but also men meet Chikan.
It’s very unpleasant, isn’t it? I had met Chikan when I lived in Tokyo, but I was very scared. Therefore, there are trains in Japan that only women can take. People who are afraid of chikan are on the train that only women ride.
Be careful of chikan on trains in Tokyo.

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